Shelf Check Turns 100

Okay, so 100 episodes is really young for a web comic. But still. To celebrate, I'm going to re-post here my own 3 favorites from the first 100 strips--for whatever reason, they aren't ones that seemed particularly popular with readers. Got a favorite "Shelf Check"? Use the labels on the right side of the page to look it up, and let me know in the comments. Thanks!

The term "inspirational fiction" is just so odd. My dad was a huge fan of the Conan books. I love Dave's obliviousness, and the word "Gwahlur."

"[Was] it bigger than a baby's arm?" is a reference to the early '90s film Pump Up the Volume. I like Jan's pause [...] before uttering that most evocative of words when speaking of the bookdrop: damp. And I think the Nietzsche line's classic--and true.

Poor Dave.


Cat said...

"... are they revolutionary/are we just their bitches?..."

Almost showed that one in class, but good sense intervened just in time. So I showed the BitTorrent one instead, since we were talking about that tonight.

LN said...

U Can Haz Answers is a favorite of mine... As is the first mention of Jan's blog and of course Ninja Awareness

khalas said...

I also love the first mention of Jan's blog and this cute one about holds.

Amy said...

These are my current faves:

The musical episode (nice Buffy shout-out!);

Ah, the end of an era;

Web 2.0 savvy...lacking real-world knowledge.

Not that I don't love them all....:-)