Shelf Check #179

Dogpile--metasearch engine that includes Google results
Blackle--Google "with the lights out," an energy saver
Wikipedia article on Professor Tara Brabazon


Alice said...

This is a great point and well taken! (Of couse, how uncool am I, I've never heard of Blackle?) But now that I've seen it, it will be my new go-to spot...

Anonymous said...

I prefer using Darkoogle http://www.darkoogle.com another black Google and is available in over 40 countries http://www.darkoogle.com/international

Best of all its got the 'similar page' option in the result page like the normal white Google. I use that a lot.

Emily Lloyd said...

Thanks, Willy--I'll check it out! I have noticed that Blackle is missing some features of Google.