Shelf Check #307

Shelf Check 307


Cheryl said...

How many times have we all had this conversation? But not always ending so well! I always want to say "Are you kidding me?" back.

Lucius said...

Ooh, almost as fun as, "Are you serious? That's a classic! How can you not have it?" It's a classic that your entire class has to read, and you certainly wouldn't be looking for it otherwise, so bug off.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,

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Meera said...

Hi poseygalore,

Congratulations on your 307th Shelf Check and we're happy to have you creating this unique series at ToonDoo!

Thank you for your continued patronage.

ToonDudette from www.jambav.com

P.S. Like Clive above says, Pixton is good too, so we'd suggest you give it a fair try and decide for yourselves!