Shelf Check #342

Shelf Check 342
(Response to Gathering Storm, A Gaythering Storm, and Gay Penguin Fable 'Tango' Marks Three Years at Top of Challenged Books List.)

See also this button in Shelf Check's Zazzle store, such as it is, at the base price of $1.95 because I'm interested in people wearing it, not in making money off it. You can also change it (font, text, etc.) or make your own.


lalcorn said...

Brilliant! Thanks :)

Melanie said...

I bought five - for all my enlightened friends with reading-age kids (Andy & Julie, Ranan & Toncy, Melike & Ross, Hans & Amy and Brooke & Loren) - Book Banners SUCK!

Carolyn said...

Oh, funny, funny, funny! I love those penguins.