Shelf Check #358

Shelf Check 358
UPDATE: Since yesterday, folks have emailed me with or posted some lovely poop-related links in the comments:
Pee and Poo "dolls" (via Rebecca Hunt)
The Everyone Poops trailer (take-off on Where the Wild Things Are trailer) (via David)
Who Pooped? (online learning game by the Minnesota Zoo) (via Kay D and Michael Golrick)


Melanie said...

Folkmanis! Remember that super cool toy store on the Eastern Shore (where the Dar Williams concert was) with the HUGE Folkmanis selection! Crazy...

rebecca.hunt said...

If Jan doesn't need an actual handpuppet, she may be interested in one of these "dolls" http://www.peeandpoo.com (I had to share the horror, sorry)

David said...

You of course know about this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsLqKAvKiQM

- David

Emily Lloyd said...

R: The horror indeed! In plushifying pee, I think I would've gone for a flattish puddle-shaped creature, as opposed to the droplet.

D: Yes! I did know about it--I posted it when it first came out on my other blog. But, naturally, I'd forgotten all about it. Thanks for refreshing me!