Shelf Check #392

Shelf Check 392
Tame the Web (Michael Stephens)
Selleck Waterfall Sandwich
Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza


Bronwen said...

I like this one: http://celebritylandscapefood.tumblr.com/post/535853954/alexander-skarsgard-molten-chocolate-cake

Michael Stephens said...

We should note two of the photo are by Cindi Trainor. The one in the first panel is by Adam Tarwacki for OCLC.


How did you know I REALLY like falafel?

Emily Lloyd said...

Thank you, Michael. I was very careful to find public domain images of falafel and canyons, and then unintentionally & completely flopped on credit for the photos of you. Thanks again for rectifying.

Next time you're in the Twin Cities, let me buy you a falafel sandwich for your good sportsmanship! :)