Proud as a button

Happy Pride Month! For a while I've mulled over how to be visibly out at the reference desk. I'm always out when it comes up in conversation with a patron, but I wanted a way to nonverbally indicate to queer or questioning patrons that there's a GLBTQ-friendly library person on board.

I've added a new button to Shelf Check's tiny Zazzle store for Pride 2010. You can buy it here for $1.45 (93 cents in bulk. I set all Shelf Check stuff at Zazzle's base prices). I'm going to get one to wear on my unfortunately-required lanyard. I think the text also works for libraryfolk who are straight supporters of GLBTQ equality (beginning with collection development!), queer outreach, and generally making the library a welcoming place for GLBTQ people:

Update: As of June 1, coupon code SHIPTHANKS10 at Zazzle gives you free S/H on orders up to $10.

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D.I. Why? said...

Yay! My Pride Month display in the teen center is always the most popular display of the year.