Shelf Check #421

Shelf Check 421


Jeff Scott said...

Oh that's too funny. We once locked a guy in the library. He used the library phone to call one of the staff to say he was locked in. I went over to let him out. I asked what happened, we had flickered the lights loudly announced the library was closing and then turned off the lights. Why didn't you notice this? "I just thought you were having electrical problems."

Mary Ellen said...

Normally my university library (8 floors) just gives a half hour warning, 15 minute warning, and the 5 minute warning consists of "We are now closed." On June 25th last year I happened to be working in Special Collections. The sudden and tragic death of Michael Jackson lead the desk staff to play 'Beat It' at closing time.

Emily Lloyd said...

Mary Ellen--wow, the 5-minute announcement is "We are now closed"? I imagine if Jan & Dave tried that, they'd incite a riot. :)

Jeff--"Electrical problems"=hilarious.

The other night a colleague of mine gave the five-minute warning announcement and I gave it about 30 seconds later--we were busy and I somehow tuned her announcement right out and thought it still needed to be made. I like the idea of music; I think it would be harder to tune out and might also be kind of fun. Not 2 Live Crew, of course. :) But something that made closing a little more playful, not so serious.

I do like what one of my coworkers once said to lighten the situation of shoving people out the door: "Sorry we gotta close, but librarians need to party, too."