Shelf Check #430: Based on a True Story

Shelf Check 430

True story: this past Monday, two chickens were found pecking around in the 300s at the B________ Library. Alicia and Ted, library staff on the scene, commented with the lines about the 600s and the "other duties as assigned" on Facebook.

Daniel Pinkwater did not show up to help Alicia and Ted with the chickens, but I have a feeling he'd be good in a Chicken Emergency. At The P-Zone Forum, you can leave a message for Mr. Pinkwater. The other day, I left this:

July 20th, 2010
From: Emily Lloyd
Hello, wonderful Mr. DP! I'm a librarian and write a webcomic set in a public library called 'Shelf Check"--today's strip mentions you, so I thought I'd post the link here in case you'd like to see it: Shelf Check #422

Thanks for all you do!

and this followed:

Daniel replies:
I checked Shelf Check. I am pleased you mentioned me, but I think you should have had me appear as a character in the strip. I am easy to draw, using a compass, or the bottom of a cup or glass to get my general shape--then you put a smaller circle for the head, and two even smaller circles for the eyeglasses--and there you have me!

I wasn't able to find a digital compass at ToonDoo, but I did the best I could, Mr P.


Jessy said...

AWESOME!!! For my own exchange with DP in the P-Zone, see April 22, 2003, http://www.pinkwater.com/pzone/forum.php?page=49.

tudza said...


Hey, these aren't even giant chickens, so how hard can it be?