Shelf Check #478

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Go the F*ck to Sleep (Wikipedia)


jdscott50 said...

You say you need help, you need a job you are in the lurch,

No I won't write your f*cking resume, learn to f*cking search.

(there is so much more here to tap into, this is great, THANK YOU for this).

Emily Lloyd said...

LOL--nice! There is way more to tap, but not much that rhymes with "search." :) Tried to think of a "birch" verse. Didn't come.

Sheila Webber said...

So those zero results from Google
Just knocked you off your perch,
Could be it's because you typed in "marketing plan for selling footwear to australia especially market for ladies casual" in quotes,
Learn to f*cking search

(but none of this applies to my students, with whom I aim to be unfailing fair and polite, I hasten to add)

Ricc Ferrante said...

you enter a 'the' expecting autocomplete knows what you want
will find it tout suite.
LEARN TO F*CKIN (waiting for AutoComplete...)

Lisa said...

"Your computer won't let me in my email," you say and try to besmirch

Our fine machines. I step over and see "dummy@aol.com" in the address bar

Learn to f*cking search.