Shelf Check #233

"First they came..." at Wikipedia


M. Scale said...

Great one! I stumbled upon your blog through the Facebook group - NextGen Librarian's wall.

Nice! I enjoy the cartoons and the humour.

Are they copyrighted? Or are they on Creative Commons?

Emily Lloyd said...

Hi, M.--I'm happy for people to re-post, use in libraries, use in powerpoints, etc.--have received a few inquiries about that before and am thrilled any time someone wants to use/reproduce a Shelf Check strip. The copyright issue is vague as of now--I use ToonDoo (toondoo.com) to make the cartoons--I don't (can't) draw them--so while the words are, the images are not exclusively mine. I've contacted their copyright dept. before to try to make things a bit clearer to myself (can I do t-shirts, for ex?), but haven't heard back.