Shelf Check #246

Shelf Check 246


The.Effing.Librarian said...

did you draw those guys? they're awesome! I'm thinking, "what is she looking at" that they're so into her screen?

this is a great site.

Emily Lloyd said...

Hey, effing--

nope, didn't draw them. ToonDoo has a stock of characters one can choose from when assembling a cartoon, many of which can cycle through a number of positions: Jan can be posed in a few, Dave in a few, and these guys in a few. It's just a matter of finding the right characters, clicking, and dragging them where you want them. Since I began "Shelf Check," they've added a feature that enables one to compose one's own characters from a set of faces, eyes, etc--like basic avatar builders. I haven't used it yet, mainly because I kind of like re-using the same characters in the same positions. It works really well in Red Meat, for ex.

Thanks for the props. As it happens, I wasn't thinking there was anything particularly interesting on Jan's screen when I made this--I was thinking of the kind of folks that will crane their necks and breathe on you no matter if you're just looking up their library card numbers. [grin]