Shelf Check #249

Shelf Check 249


Deborah Fitchett said...

The problem I've found with keeping things as "unread" to "give my full attention to later" is that every now and then I accidentally hit the "mark all as read" button instead of the "refresh" button. So these days I star them instead.

j- said...

Lifehacker and the other Gawker are pretty much all the same if you have read them for more than a week. Lifehacker seems to devote more and more time to "What not to eat" type posts and the other Gawker feeds seem to follow one standard script: Sensational title followed by story lacking most of the facts followed by 100 snarky holier-than-though know-nothings arguing about it. About 80% of the way down someone will introduce key facts that invalidate the original story but by then the mob has moved onto the next post.

You won't miss anything by unsubbing.