Shelf Check #348

Shelf Check 348
Wolfram Alpha: Our First Impressions (ReadWriteWeb)

Wolfram Alpha: Google Killer? (CBC Radio)


DH said...

Just found your blog and have been clicking and laughing now for half an hour... great!

Just one thing... I run FireFox 3 and I need to scroll sideways to view each cartoon. Any idea if this is a blogsetting, my browser or just plain bad luck?

- Dennie aka the obnoxious librarian

James said...

Kevin Spacey is Wolfram Alpha as well? Dude gets around!
... though it does explain why he's on Twitter...!

Emily Lloyd said...

Hey, Dennie--I need to scroll, too (also in Firefox 3) and it's also the case in Explorer. The default code for embedding at ToonDoo gives this result. I know it's possible to write a script to be able to see the whole strip at one time--I've heard someone mention that she did--but, alas, I have no idea how to do it myself (yet?).

If you prefer, when you click on a strip, it takes you to the strip at the ToonDoo site, where no scrolling is necessary. Sorry for the awkwardness. Glad you like the strip!