Serving Our GLBTQ Customers (link to PowerPoint)

I gave my first presentation ever to people older than high school age this morning!

Here are the slides: Serving Our GLBTQ Customers


Angel, librarian and educator said...

This was excellent. It shows you put a lot of work and effort into it, and it looks great. Also, very good to read the slides (you get a lot out of it w/o needing to listen to the presenter, something I consider a shortcoming when people post slides-- not enough substance). I am sharing them with a friend in our campus Wellness unit. Thanks for posting.

Best, and keep on blogging.

Girl in the Moon said...

Brilliant and inspiring. Makes me wish I was working in a public library service - it's so much on the frontline of making people's lives better.

Gillian said...

Excellent! I am sharing this with colleagues in both my professions--library staff and clergy.

Emily Lloyd said...

Gillian--funny: after my presentation, we had a panel discussion with four individuals. Two were clergy! I don't know many people in the profession, but everyone I *do* know in the profession is GLBTQ. :)

Hyzenthlayk9 said...

Excellent presentation! I'm going to look for the videos that you linked so I can show them to our LGBTQ group for discussion.
Very well done.