Shelf Check #469

Shelf Check 469

Some colleagues and I were admiring San José Public Library's new web site the other day. Then, yesterday, I came across the Librarian in Black's post about it, which included this shocking, wonderful information:

"*Every single staff member at SJPL has been asked and empowered to create blog posts for the new site. That means everyone. No limiting by classification, specialization, or degree-holding nonsense. We’re all smart. We all have things we know about and want to share with our library users. We currently have over 300 staff set up to create content and I couldn’t be happier.

*Content is not pre-moderated by any web staff. When staff click “Save,” it goes up. And rightly so.

*We offer commenting as a function on almost every part of our site, and user comments are not pre-moderated either. Again, rightly so."

Congrats to all who worked on the site, with extra kudos to SJPL's web librarian, Nate Hill, who the Librarian in Black credits with the design--it's fantastic (and, for the record, also splendid on an iPad). I love the non-policing policy and radical trust, too.


Anonymous said...

Damn, certainly interesting topic. Where will I get your subscription?

Brandy Stone
rf scrambler

Lisa said...

Dear Emily, This comic is my favorite media scanning tool. Keep up the good work!