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"Berman Scale" named in honor of this Berman.
No kidding:


"As a GLBTQ library patron, I feel welcomed when..." [complete the sentence]

Shelf Check may be in and out as I work on some other projects, one of which, like any good 21st century project, has a button & t-shirt before actually coming to fruition. The other is a slide presentation on serving GLBTQ patrons in a public library, and that's what the title of this post is about.

I know some readers are GLBTQ library staffers, so they (you, we) are also most likely GLBTQ library patrons (at our own libraries, at libraries we visit in other counties and states and countries, etc.). I'm looking for folks to complete the sentence in the post subject line by leaving a comment below. For myself, for ex:

As a GLBTQ library patron, I feel welcomed when...

...a library offers GLBTQ book lists, online or on paper, for the GLBTQ community at all ages: adult, teen, and a picture book list for kids of GLBTQ parents and kids who are already being bullied at picture-book age for the way they express their genders;

...a library branch subscribes to at least one GLBTQ periodical--if not a paper copy, then via database with staff who know how to lead me to the publication [if the library subscribes to many periodicals in paper form, then a GLBTQ in paper form should be present, imho];

...I can find GLBTQ-related books by browsing; I don't need to know exact titles;

...GLBTQ-related books are dispersed throughout a library system's branches--I can find items at MY branch; I don't have to order in [again, have to know exact titles] from the largest branch as though GLBTQ issues were somehow an "obscure" topic...

I can go on, but I'm also looking for others' thoughts. Please, if you have anything to add, comment below or email me your comment at elloyd74@gmail.com.


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John Grisham to Write Children's Books (The Huffington Post)

*Sherman Alexie, Isabel Allende, Julia Alvarez, Louise Erdrich, Neil Gaiman, Carl Hiaasen, Mike Lupica, China Mieville, and others. Though it doesn't seem to get as much mention as these, I really enjoyed Michael Chabon's Summerland when it came out in 2004, and now recommend it to fans of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.


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