Ranganathan's 5 Laws of the Staff Fridge

Shelf Check 323

[RR, strip from 3/09]


Shelf Check #301

Shelf Check 301

[RR, strip from 11/08]


Shelf Check #132


[RR, strip from 11/07]


Shelf Check: Now Serving Leftovers!

I haven't written new strips for a good while, but I thought digging around in some of the older ones might jolt me into inspiration. While the librar* world is fast-paced and constantly changing, it also drags its heels and isn't changing all that much--so many of the older strips remain relevant topic-wise. People still land on this page (mostly for Cards Against Librarianship these days), so I've decided to repost strips on a regular basis for a bit. I recently got in a conversation about "human book" libraries that reminded me of this series, originally from Feb 2012, so to kick things off:

Shelf Check 501

Shelf Check 502

Shelf Check 503

Shelf Check 504

Shelf Check 505