"Why did you come to the library today?" Participatory Display

I've been tweeting bits from a current display at my library and receiving a lot of interest in it, so decided to blog it here, too. If you have a space for it, it's a simple way to raise awareness (both staff and patron) of the many different reasons people have for visiting your library, and the variety of library services they find valuable.

We have a 4' by 6' bulletin board in our lobby, currently covered with white paper, so patrons can write directly on it. At the top, I've prompted, "During the 69 hours we're open each week, people come to the Eden Prairie Library for countless different reasons. Pick up a pen and tell us...Why did you come to the library today?"

Below, some of the responses so far. We're keeping it up through the month of February. On Twitter, some have mentioned trying a version at their libraries as a week-long display for National Library Week, coming up in April. I think it'd be perfect for that (and now kind of wish we'd waited):