Follow Your Patrons

...is the name of a brief slide deck & guest post I have up at Tame The Web, a kind of part two to an earlier guest post on tweeting libraries. I've embedded the slide deck below, too--please set it to full screen if you decide to view it.

I spent a lot of time on Twitter last year, not as myself, but as my library system*. This deck covers some of what I learned. I strongly urge tweeting libraries (and nonprofits, and small businesses, etc) to follow their patrons. Many don't. It's too big a missed opportunity not to mention.

Used thoughtfully, Twitter enables libraries to not just describe what we do, but to do what we do. Here's how:

Follow Your Patrons: Tips on Twitter for Libraries from Emily Lloyd

Please note: I no longer tweet for @hclib--it was a temporary position--and this is a personal presentation made on my own time.



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