Approachability Buttons

I wanted to make up and wear a button on my lanyard that made it clear to shy or reluctant patrons that I'm at the library to help. Yesterday on Twitter, I asked folks which text would make them feel more welcome and able to ask the questions they needed to ask: "Ask me" or "I can help."

@amycrea suggested "I love questions!" as an alternative.

@lloydsoldout gave great, thoughtful feedback: "I Can Help sounds easier. Ask means I have to do something."

@MelissaZD wrote, "What about 'I like to help?'" I loved this modification, because, as we all know, sometimes we CAN'T help--but those of us who are passionate about what we do always want the opportunity to try.

I finished the below today on my lunch break--they're available at Shelf Check's tiny Zazzle store at the base price ($1.95 each--I make 5 cents per), where you can customize them (change fonts, colors, even text), too.

*NOTE: Zazzle often has sales, so always head to RetailMeNot to check for coupon codes before shopping there. There's currently a 25% off sale on buttons, with the expiration date listed as 9/30/2014. The code: SELFEXPREZZZ. I also recommend checking out Zazzle Black if you think you'll be shopping there more than once--whether it's my stuff, someone else's designs, or making your own stuff (it's easy and I've found their products to be of high quality). With it, you can get a year of free standard shipping for $9.95. I've done it for years.

As these "approachability buttons" go, I think "I like to help" suits me best. Which, if any, appeals to you? Can you think of other, more effective phrases?


"I LOVE QUESTIONS (gray argyle)

"ASK ME" (Magic 8-ball-inspired)

"I like to help."