Shelf Check #454

Shelf Check 454
Amazon Launches "Bookstore Killer" App (Joe. My. God.)


yarmando said...

Better yet: someone could submit it to the Enhancements Database for their ILS User Group, where sometime this winter the customers representatives could vote their priorities. If the enhancement gets voted a priority, the vendor can determine if its importance rises above critical bug fixes in the development queue, and then can begin work. After successive alpha and beta periods that correspond with the biannual release schedule, the product should be available for preview sale at ALA Midwinter 2015.

Bethkate said...

Do I hear ExLibris Voyager?

ESP said...

What about IndieBound? Although.. I suppose any time I might want to use it, I'd probably already be IN an indie bookstore.. Except those moments when I'm near a Borders or B&N and just wanna see what's out..